how to change a cpu processor

What should I do when I Change my processor on my computer?

Place your computer back at your desk and connect all of the cables to the back. Try powering your computer on. If you just changed the processor but kept the same motherboard, there’s a good chance that your computer will boot normally. Open CPU-Z or your System Properties window ( ⊞ Win+Pause) to ensure that your new processor is recognized.

Do you need to upgrade the CPU on your computer?

However, upgrading your CPU can just be the start of a chain reaction of upgrading everything on your computer. Don’t buy a new CPU just because you want to do it.

How to increase the number of processor cores in a computer?

The highest number is coincidentally the number of processor cores inside your PC. 5 Click OK. The BOOT Advanced Options dialog box closes. 6 Click OK in the System Configuration window.

Where do I take my Old processor to get a new one?

Click here for detailed instructions on visually inspecting your motherboard. Take your old processor to a computer store if you can’t identify it. If you still cannot identify the socket type, remove your old processor from the motherboard and take it to a computer specialty store.

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