how to check cpu utilization in solaris 10

How to check the CPU usage in Solaris?

How to check the CPU Usage in solaris.we want per cpu how much percentage using. But normally prstat command display all jobs and using process. but how to find out per cpu load .Any command is available in solaris??? Last edited by sunram; 01-02-2008 at 12:49 AM. prstat will probably be easier for you. Look at the bottom part of the output.

What can affect the performance of a Solaris system?

Some factors that can affect a computer system’s performance are available memory, disk I/O, and CPU utilization. Solaris provides the vmstat and iostat utilities (among others) to monitor these system aspects. vmstat is short for "virtual memory statistics".

How to check CPU utilization ( SAR-U ) ( system?

Use the sar -ucommand to display CPU utilization statistics. $ sar -u00:00:00 %usr %sys %wio %idle 01:00:00 0 0 0 100 The sarcommand without any options is equivalent to the sar -ucommand. At any given moment, the processor is either busy or idle. When busy, the processor is in either user mode or system mode.

How to check and monitor CPU utilization on Linux?

One way to measure its performance is to track the CPU usage. This will give you insight into the performance of the system as well as show how the hardware resources are being divided up across the various running services. In this guide, we’ll go over a few methods to check and monitor the CPU utilization on a Linux system.

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