how to install a new cpu

Is it possible to install a CPU on a computer?

This tutorial on how to install a CPU, is one of the tutorials in the process of building your own computer. It will explain how to install a new CPU to your computer, rather than upgrading an existant CPU. If you still need to choose a CPU, then go and do so now. There are a huge range of CPUs, so it is difficult to know which one to choose.

What should I do before installing a new processor?

Apply thermal paste to the processor. Before installing the CPU cooler, you’ll want to apply a thin layer of thermal paste to the top of the CPU. This helps conduct heat from the processor to the CPU cooler by removing any imperfections on the contact surfaces. Click here for a detailed guide on applying thermal paste. Secure the CPU cooler.

Is it possible to upgrade the CPU in a computer?

How to Upgrade a CPU. Upgrading a CPU is not very difficult, provided you have all the right information and tools at your disposal. If you built your PC from scratch, then upgrading your central processing unit (aka processor, or CPU) shouldn’t present too much of a challenge — just reverse the steps you used to install it.

How can I install hardware on my computer?

Below is a listing of various documents with steps, additional information, and help with installing computer hardware into a desktop computer. Click the link of the hardware you want to install into the computer. If you are upgrading or need help removing old hardware see: How to remove computer hardware.


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