how to install alexa controlled door locks

Can a smart door lock work with Alexa?

With the appropriate smart lock set up, Alexa can lock and unlock your door. Smart locks that have Alexa capabilities require connection to the internet via Wifi or the smart lock brands specific hub. Bluetooth only smart locks will not work with Alexa.

How can I use Alexa to control my front door?

Connecting your SmartThings or Wink hub to Alexa is easy. First make sure that all your Z-wave or ZigBee compatible locks are connected to your smart home hubs, and set individual names for each door. These names are what you’ll use to trigger Amazon Alexa, so us names that are easy to remember like “front door” or “garage door.”

Can you use Alexa with an August doorbell?

August Smart Home skills for Amazon Alexa enabled devices allow you to lock and unlock your door, check status and view your doorstep live from your August Doorbell Camera. "Alexa, is my front door locked?"

What can I do with Alexa smart home?

This skill may include: “Alexa, is ADT armed?” “Alexa, lock the Front Door lock.” With the ADT Smart Home skill, you can use your voice to manage your security system to help keep your family and home safe. Ask Alexa to do things like arm or disarm your system, turn lights on and off and lock and unlock your front door.

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