how to install apple homekit google home

How does Apple HomeKit work with Google Home?

But, just like Alexa and the Google Home app, HomeKit is the system that brings all of your smart home devices together, controls them, automates them, and enables them to talk to each other. HomeKit is also a standard that smart home device makers need to adhere to if they want their products to work with Apple’s Home app.

How do you add a device to HomeKit?

Most HomeKit devices are added by using the Home app to scan a unique six-figure HomeKit code found on your compatible device or in its box or manual. (Make sure you keep those codes, you may need them later.) Once paired, devices appear in the Apple Home app and can be assigned to Rooms.

Do you have to pass test for Apple HomeKit?

The accessory will undergo tests and also pass every test in the certification tool, with the home app, utilizing HomeKit test cases made available by Apple. After passing all the required self-certification tests, the results are further updated in the MFI portal with the associated details and total report.

Is the Google Home compatible with Apple home?

The family of Google smart home hardware includes Google Home, Nest Mini, Home Max, Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max. Just like Apple Home, Google Assistant can be used to operate compatible smart devices and create automation scenes.

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