how to install apple homekit locks

Are there any smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit?

The Kwikset Premis, like the August Smart Lock Pro, is among the top smart locks that work with Apple HomeKit and can be controlled with Siri. What makes Kwikset’s smart lock different from August’s, though, is its included keypad. It might look a little old school, but it makes letting people in easy.

What do you need to set up Apple HomeKit?

To control your devices from outside your home, you’ll need to set up a HomeKit hub. Several devices can work as a hub in a HomeKit setup, including an Apple TV, a HomePod, and an iPad. We’ve noted our favorite HomeKit hub below, along with all the other gadgets you might want for your HomeKit smart home.

How does nest work with Apple HomeKit?

This software lets you set up your server at home, which helps connect your Nest device to your Apple HomeKit account. Once the connection is established, you can see footage from your Nest Cam directly on your Apple device. If you are using a Nest Smart Lock solution, you can lock or unlock your door from your iPhone.

Can a Yale assure lock work with Apple HomeKit?

Please enter a question. Enable HomeKit Compatibility for Your Yale Assure LockControl your Yale Assure Lock from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by integrating it into your Apple HomeKit system with the Apple iM1 HomeKit Module (lock sold separately). This simple add-on module plugs into the lock in the same compartment as the batteries.

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