how to install august smart lock app

How can I control my August smart lock?

Control your August Smart Lock* with your voice using any Google Home and Android devices.  Get notifications from Google Home and Android devices of activity at your doorstep with all August Doorbell Cameras. *Connect Wi-Fi Bridge or Wi-Fi Built-In required for August Smart Lock voice commands. Amazon Alexa

How does the August lock and unlock app work?

You install the August app on your smartphone and you can lock and unlock your door with the tap of your finger on your smartphone. Or, you can turn on the auto-lock and auto-unlock features so that the lock automatically locks and unlocks as you come and go.

Do you need masking tape for August smart lock pro?

August includes everything needed to install the Smart Lock Pro, right down to the piece of masking tape you’ll need to keep the front half of your existing deadbolt from falling down when you remove the back half. The Smart Lock Pro is only compatible with deadbolts that are separate from the doorknob, called a single-cylinder deadbolt.

Is the August smart lock compatible with Alexa?

However, you can link multiple August locks to the August Connect, so one Connect can control locks on the front, back and internal doors if required. Smart Home Compatibility. The August Smart Lock also includes support for some of the major smart-home platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home and Assistant.

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