how to install best smart bulbs for alexa

How do you connect a smart light bulb to Alexa?

Usually, this just means screwing the smart light bulb into a working outlet, but be sure to refer to the instructions if there is a hub other than Alexa involved. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device. Tap the Menu button, which looks like three horizontal lines, in the upper left corner of the Home screen.

What kind of bulbs do you need for Alexa?

First, you’re going to need some Alexa devices, which including smart bulbs, connected plugs, followed by smart home hubs, thermostats and security cameras . Buying a connected bulb is the simplest way to get Alexa to control your home lighting, but it can be a little impractical if you had scores of bulbs around the room.

Can a smart bulb be used to control a light fixture?

A smart switch can control an entire light fixture’s worth of regular light bulbs. Oh, and then there’s always smart plugs, which are an ideal choice for lights like lamps that plug into an electrical outlet. Smart plugs cannot be used to control hardwired lights like smart bulbs and smart switches.

What’s the best way to install a smart light?

Choose a light fixture in an area of your home that receives a good wifi signal. Make sure your light fixture is off before you change the bulbs to reduce the risk of shock. Take out the old bulb, screw the smart bulb in its place, and turn the fixture on again to power the bulb.

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