how to install control4 controller

How to install a driver on a Control4 system?

How to Install a driver on a Control4 system. 1. First, please sign up for a driverCentral account if you have not yet done so – 2. Next log in to your driverCentral account. 3. Go to License Portal -> Control4 Drivers 4. Expand The project you want to use or Create a new project 5.

What kind of training do I need for Control4?

A range of award-winning, hands-on and online training curriculum is designed to arm you with the technical knowledge in Control4 system design and network configuration to be successful in all your projects.

Where can I get A Control4 installer certification?

More than 75% of Control4’s consumers have integrated two or more functionalities with Control4’s solution, which is available through more than 3,250 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors in over 90 countries.

What can I do with the control 4 home controller?

Around your home, adjust and control the lights either individually or collectively. Free your digital music collection and easily stream it to any room throughout the home. Check the status of your doors and windows, and adjust the thermostat. All this is available from the intuitive Control4 interfaces.

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