how to install dali lighting control system

What is the framework of a DALI lighting system?

4. The Framework of DALI Lighting System A DALI lighting control system is generally composed of the following DALI products as shown in the figure above, namely, DALI power supply, lamp, dimming control panel, master control, sensor and computer. 5.

What does the Master mean in a Dali dial?

DALI operates according to the Master/Slave principle. The master can be a simple broadcast control device, such as the rotary control knob which can make a luminaire brighter or darker. The Master can however also represent complex lighting control. This might consist of many elements which communicate with each other in a superordinated network.

Are there any limitations to the Dali controller?

The DALI specs describe the following limitations: Openmotics has following limitations: Note: The CAN control can combine the functionality of CAN controller and DALI controller at the same time so you don’t need separate modules for this.

What is the Philips actilume DALI lighting control system?

The Philips ActiLume DALI lighting control system consists of a small, lightweight sensor and controller, designed for easy integration into luminaires.

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