how to install dimmable smart plug

What to do when your smart dimmer goes out?

When your lights go out, you know you found the correct switch. For safety, double check the wires with a voltage tester to make sure the power has been turned off. Remove your Leviton Decora Smart dimmer switch from the packaging. Familiarize yourself with the terminal screws on the sides of the switch.

Where do smart dimmer switches need to be installed?

The Decora Smart Dimmer switches must be installed onto ground, neutral, load, and line wires. Unfortunately for me, my box was not wired correctly. Luckily my favorite electrician is only a phone call away. He was able to talk me through a few changes I needed to make to the wiring.

How does a smart plug work in a home?

A smart plug converts basic small appliances and electronics into devices that can be controlled remotely or via your smart assistant. The plug inserts into a standard electrical outlet and comes with one (sometimes two) front or side facing outlets that can be controlled independently.

How long does it take dimmer module to turn on?

Ramp Rates with Dimmer Module let you specify how quickly or slowly a lamp turns on. Slowly brighten from off to on over the course of 0.1 seconds to 8 minutes. Control multiple lights or appliances from a single button with Scenes.

Smart Plug, 13A WiFi Plug Works with Alexa and...

  • Voice Control: Using simple voice commands to control our smart plug through Alexa or Google Home. Such as:” Alexa, turn on the fan.”

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Smart Plug,Smart Wifi Plug Compatible with Alexa,...

  • APP Remote Control: Wherever you are. download an app to remotely control the smart plug turn on/off. PS: The smart plug ONLY support 2.4G WiFi

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