how to install diy smart curtains

How are smart curtains supposed to work with existing curtains?

Smart curtain systems are designed to work with your existing curtains or drapes but require you to mount some ceiling brackets and hook a new motorized track onto them. Since the manufacturer doesn’t know the exact width of your setup, the track is usually longer than necessary.

Do you need a course to make curtains?

The course covers all aspects of making hand made curtains, starting on day one with a simple hand made lined curtain.

Do you need training to install electric curtain tracks?

Installing your our Electric Curtain Tracks (HT100) is quite easy and straight-forward. You do not need to have any training before hand or be a handyman to assemble the parts. Simply download our Installation Guide which explains the whole process and follow step-by-step instructions.

How to automate your curtains with Arduino?

Use an Arduino to make a sound-activated or push-button automated system for your blinds. This Arduino Curtain Automation project will let you automate your curtain blinds using just an Arduino and a stepper motor.

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