how to install dyson lightcycle

What’s the CRI of the Dyson Lightcycle?

The Dyson Link app enables personalized light settings for your age and location. Precision mode. Emits a pool of high-intensity light with a cooler color temperature. The light achieves a CRI of 90Ra, displaying colors very close to daylight. Precise controls for whatever your task or mood.

How does the Dyson Lightcycle task lamp work?

A gentle touch of the lamp’s arm precisions positions your light — vertically, horizontally and 360°. With no springs or pivots to wear out, there’s no drooping.

How long does it take to return a Dyson V15?

For Dyson V15™ Detect cordless vacuums, Dyson Outsize cordless vacuums, Dyson Omni-glide™ vacuums, Lightcycle™ task lights, and Lightcycle Morph™ lights, you have 90 days from purchase. Dyson Direct will pay for return freight. If you have questions please contact us. You can email or call:

How can I get help with my Dyson?

Dyson experts on hand to offer you guidance and support. Call us on 1-855-720-6378. Access and download a comprehensive collection of technical specifications, operation manuals and installation guides for Dyson technology for your business. 1 Dry time and energy consumption calculated for Max mode.

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