how to install ezviz google home

How do I add ezviz to my Google Home?

In the Google Home App, add EZVIZ under Home Control devices and link EZVIZ account 2. In the EZVIZ App, choose a preferred name for your camera such as Front Door, Living Room, etc. 3. In the Google Home App, refresh Home Control devices list

What is the ezviz app for smart home?

EZVIZ – Security Video For Smart Life The EZVIZ app is designed to work with our series of security NVRs, DVRs and cloud cameras. By using this app, it is so easy to manage your camera and other smart home devices remotely from across the globe any time.

How can I install ezviz on my PC?

You can also download and install the EZVIZ PC studio software for windows PC by following the steps below; 1. Click Here 2. Locate the download center 3. Click on more 4. Scroll down to the bottom and click on PC studio, follow the prompt to complete the setup

Is the ezviz plugin compatible with Google Chrome?

In 2015, Google Chrome disabled the support for NPAPI on their web browser – EZVIZ devices does not function on web browsers that does not have support for NPAPI. Internet Explorer 11 and Safari all have support for NPAPI and works with EZVIZ plugin. How to find EZVIZ App from the App store using iPad?

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