how to install google home disco lights

How do I set up Google Home lights?

Open the Google Home app scroll to "Local devices." If you can’t find your lights, force close the Google Home app and try again. If you still can’t find your lights, set up your lights again in the Google Home app. Say the voice command, "Hey Google, sync all devices."

Can you connect C by GE lights to Google Home?

You can connect up to 6 C by GE light bulbs for each speaker or display. If you have bulbs already set up in the C by GE app, you can delete them from the C by GE app and set them up in the Google Home app. Turn on your C by GE lights. The bulbs must be turned on before you continue. Delete the bulbs from the C by GE app.

Can you control smart light bulbs with Google Home?

WiFi-enabled smart bulbs have become cheaper and this is the best time to make your home smarter with them. If you just bought smart bulbs for your home, read further to know how you can connect and control the light bulb using Google Home voice commands.

Can you put Google Home in same group as smart lights?

Better yet, if the Google Home you are speaking to is physically in the same location as your smart lights, then you can add it to the same group as the lights. Then all you have to say is “turn off the lights” —Google Assistant will understand the association and turn off the correct lights.

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