how to install google power plug

How to install and use Google Drive plug in for MS Office?

Follow these steps to enable plug-in and add “Google Drive” option in File menu. Go to File > options and click on Add-Ins tab, you will find that the plug-in is installed but it is not activated. To activate it select “COM Add-ins” in “Manage” tab below and hit “GO”.

What can I do with Google Drive plug in?

Once you install this plug-in on your Windows PC, you can directly save files from your PC to Google Drive, Open files from Google Drive directly in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and edit. This is very useful for accessing your important files across devices.

How do you install a plugin on Google Chrome?

Type the name of the plugin you wish to install on Google Chrome via the search bar, e.g Turn off the lights(It fades in or darken the entire web page whenever you are watching videos online via Youtube or any video related content). The searches have an auto-complete feature to help you get what you are looking for very fast.

How to get rid of a plugin in PowerSchool?

Click on the delete button next to the plugin you want to get rid of. This will tell PowerSchool to go in and remove all the files associated with this plugin so they won’t be in CPM anymore. Now your plugin is installed but not active. Click the empty checkbox next to the plugin you just installed.

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