how to install hisense google home

How to connect your Hisense home appliances with Google Home?

Users must have a Hisense loud Account through the HiSmart App to use Google Home with a Hisense Air product. To establish an account, please download the HiSmart Air APP in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (IOS), and create a loud Account for your Hisense home appliance.

Can you add apps to Hisense Smart TV?

Yes, You can add apps to your Hisense Smart TV if you don’t know the way to add apps to it. You may use an alternate option if you don’t add the apps using the Premier app store. You can add app using VEWD App System.

Where are the developer settings on Hisense H30?

To access developer settings, you’ll have to head to “About Phone”, select “Software information”, find “Build number” and tap on it at least seven times or more. Type in your pin, and then exit the screen. Head back to the main settings menu, select “Developer options” at the bottom of the screen, and scroll downn to “Drawing”.

Is the Hisense quick setup guide copyrighted?

© 2020 Hisense Company Ltd. All Rights Reserved. All material in this Quick Setup Guide is the property of Hisense Company Ltd. and its subsidiaries, and is protected under the laws of the US, Canada, Mexico and international copyright and/or other intellectual property laws.

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