how to install homekit energy monitor

How to configure openenergymonitor home energy guide?

Assuming CT1 (power 1) = site-consumption* Click on spanner icon to configure emonPi/power1. Select log to feedand create a feed called usewith the feed engine set to PHPFina and feed interval=10s. Select power to kwh, create a feed called use_kwhwith feed engine PHPFinaand feed interval=10s. 4. Configure MyElectric App

How much does a home energy monitor cost?

Keep in mind that certain monitors have very particular compatibility requirements. Be sure to get an expert opinion if you’re not sure whether your home meets the requirements for energy monitoring. Energy monitors can cost anything from $15 to $500.

Which is the best light switch to install with HomeKit?

If you have lots of light bulbs, it may be cheaper (and easier) to go the replacement light switch route. The best HomeKit light switches and best HomeKit dimmer switches are straightforward to install, with it taking as little as ten minutes with the right tools.

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