how to install ikea gateway kit

How does the gateway work with the IKEA app?

The gateway is a small device that connects your IKEA Home smart products to your IKEA Home smart app via your home WiFi network, so that you can control your lights from a mobile device anywhere in your home. The IKEA Home smart app will not control your IKEA Home smart products without the gateway.

Do you need a tradfri gateway for IKEA?

You will, however, need the accompanying Trådfri Gateway, a $30 hub that is required for all of Ikea’s affordable smart home solutions including light bulbs, dimmers, motion sensors, and more. The Trådfri outlets are larger than some other HomeKit-based outlets, but can be used sideways and will only take up a single socket.

How to get started with IKEA Home smart app?

The IKEA Home smart app and TRÅDFRI gateway make it easy to control your connected home. Set timers to wake you up, create scenes and moods and control accessories. Watch the video and learn how to get started with the TRÅDFRI gateway kit.

Is there a part 4 of the IKEA course?

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Part 4 of our IKEA kitchen cabinet course covers the building and installing of the drawers, rails, hinges, and soft-closes. This is the fun part of the project because you really get to see all your hard work come together. The IKEA kitchen system is ingenious.

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