how to install kasa lights

How do you install a kasa light switch?

Installation involves disconnecting the electrical wires from your existing switch and reconnecting to the new switch. All Kasa devices, including switches, outlets, and cameras, are controlled with the Kasa Smart app. Download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

How does the Kasa Smart light strip work?

Experience the Kasa Smart home ecosystem. Combine your light strip with other Kasa Smart devices, such as plugs, cameras and other lights, for seamless control with a single tap on your mobile device. Control the Kasa Light Strip hands-free with Alexa and Google Assistant. Turn it on and off, and change colors with just your voice.

How to setup a kasa Cam for home use?

Before we begin: 1 Please download Kasa Smart from App Store or Google Play and install it on your smart phone. 2 Connect your smart phone to your home Wi-Fi network. 3 Plug your Kasa Cam into a power socket. More …

How to set up Kasa Smart bulb kl100 series?

Get the Kasa Smart app from the App Store or Google Play. Step 2. Connect to Network Connect your mobile device to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Step 3. Add Device Tap the button in the Kasa app and select Smart Bulb KL100 Series. Follow app instructions to complete the setup. 4 Main Device Controls

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