how to install lenovo home hub

How does the Lenovo Thinksmart hub 500 work?

Once the Hub 500 is powered on, the Hub will go through the BIOS POST and will boot from the internal SSD to load the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. By default, there are two Windows accounts built into the Hub 500 out of the factory. Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 Deployment Guide

Is the Lenovo Thinksmart hub a video conferencing device?

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub is an all in one video conferencing device that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage supporting both Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms platforms.

What kind of warranty does Lenovo Thinksmart hub have?

ThinkSmart Hub is protected by Lenovo ThinkShield security and includes a three-year Lenovo Premier Support warranty. Smart Collaboration Managed Services 1 are available to assist with scope, deployment, training, maintenance and management of all ThinkSmart devices.

How does the Lenovo smart home system work?

Dim the lights instantly, remotely. Control and monitor your home easily, securely—from your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Check a live feed of the backyard, from anywhere in your home. Stay connected with families and friends with hands-free video calling on Google Duo. Simply say the name and Lenovo Smart Display will do the rest.

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