how to install lifetime lighting systems

Is there an online course for Strand Lighting?

Let Vari-Lite and Strand teach you the basics of the world of lighting systems design online. We offer the following free courses to help dealers, reps, engineers, specifiers, and consultants gain additional product and systems knowledge.

Are there any continuing education classes for lighting?

While the company offers a three-day seminar entitled “Lighting Fundamentals,” it also has a wide array of classes on more specific topics including residential, legislation and industry trends, technology, and the latest studies. Many of the Source classes qualify for continuing education units.

Is there an intermediate level lighting design course?

A follow-up intermediate class—the “Intermediate Level Lighting Course” (ED-150)—is instructor dependent. It covers more advanced topics, including establishing lighting goals (schematic design), luminaires and optical control, building electrical systems, and daylighting analysis.

What do you need to know about Lighting Certification?

We developed a 2-level Lighting Certification Program for those who want to enhance their lighting knowledge. Lighting essentials is a combination of four parts which are – Lighting theory essentials, LED essentials, control essentials and system essentials.

Philips CoreLine – Signify

Nov 4, 2019 … to-install lighting solutions – you get LED lighting that’s setting the reference in the industry. That’s why CoreLine luminaires are the …

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