how to install lighting relay panel

What do you need to know about relay panels?

Low voltage input for connection of photocells, occupancy sensors, low-voltage switches and digital switches for a comprehensive yet easily installed energy management solution Scalable Solutions for Centralized Control. Relay control panels for any project size and scope.

How are low voltage relays used in lighting systems?

Low voltage relays used to control lighting systems, motors or other devices are discussed here. This article series provides a diagnosis and repair guide for low voltage electrical wiring typically used to control 120V home lighting, electrical receptacles, and other devices as well as in HVAC system controls.

Why do I need a relay for my LED light bar?

A relay is an electrical switch. It allows a low current "switch" circuit to control the electricity flow of a high-current circuit load, like your LED Light bar for example. Why Do I Need A Relay?

How does a panel based lighting control system work?

For remote lighting control, the circuit adds a switch to change the load. The circuit breaker may integrate this switch, resulting in a controllable circuit breaker that provides both electrical protection and remote switching. Or the system may add low-voltage relay switches (called contactors when controlling very large loads).

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