how to install made for google light bulbs

How do you connect a light bulb to Google Home?

Tap the “ + ” button at the upper left corner. Tap the “ Set up device ” option. Go to Set up new devices and select your home. Select “ Smart Bulb ” from the next screen. Connect the smart bulb to WiFi, just like you set up Google Home speaker. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up your bulb with Google Home.

How do you set up a smart light bulb?

Set up your smart light or plug. Your device may blink a few times. Your device is ready. Tap Done. Setup is successful. You can now control your lights and plugs with Google Assistant. Note: The device may blink during its first firmware update after being set up with the Google Home app.

How to set up C by GE light bulbs?

You might have too many C by GE devices in one Home app home. You can add up to 6 C by GE devices per Google Assistant device in your home. Follow the steps to set up smart home devices. C by GE switches use different setup steps than bulbs or plugs. After you open the Google Home app , tap Add Set up device Works with Google.

Can a Google Home bulb work with Google Assistant?

Works with the Google Assistant light bulbs are compatible with the Google Assistant but are not Made for Google. To set up Works with the Google Assistant bulbs, you’ll need both the Google Home app and the bulb maker’s app. You may also need a bridge or hub from the bulb maker.

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