how to install motion detector lights

How do you install a motion detector in your home?

Motion-detector lights alert you to any movement in key spots around your home. Here’s how to install one: Turn off the power at the main breaker switch. Remove the old light fixture and replace it with the new motion-sensor lights, connecting the white wire to white and the black wire to black with the wire nuts.

How to install a motion sensor light at Home Depot?

outdoor security lighting 1 Shut Off the Power and Wire Your Motion Sensor Lights " 2 Add the Motion Sensor and Restore Power " 3 Activate Your Motion Sensor "

When is the best time to install a motion sensor light?

This step is likely easier to do at dusk or in the early evening. Most motion sensor lights consist of two separate lamps that you can easily swivel and position how you want. Turn the lamps until you have a spread of light around the area that satisfies you. Adjust the angle of the sensor.

How does a motion detector light work outside?

Spare bulbs. A motion detector light is a security feature which can be installed outside any home. The sensor works by detecting motion in its field of vision, which will cause the light to turn on.

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