how to install philips hue motion sensor outdoor

What can you do with a Philips Hue motion sensor?

Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor for Smart Lights… Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor for… Functionally the both work the same and have the same features, they both have light sensitivity and read the temperature.

Do you need a Philips Hue bridge to use hue?

You’ll need a Hue Bridge to use it and it can only directly control Hue lights, but you can create routines to have it work with devices that are connected to your Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant smart home ecosystem, expanding its functionality beyond just light bulbs.

When to turn on hue lights in the morning?

If you have installed any Hue outdoor lights, then instead of using a routine to turn them on at a set time, how about using the outdoor motions sensor to turn them on when it gets dark, and then when it gets lighter in the morning they turn off. Open the Philips hue app on your phone or tablet and go to Settings/Accessory Setup.

What kind of motion sensor do I Need?

Motion: You could of course use a Philips Hue motion sensor for motion based activation. This is the ideal approach since it’s light sensitive, and can be configured to turn the lights back off again after a time period of your choice.

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