how to install philips hue white and color ambiance retrofit recessed downlight

Are there any recessed downlights for Philips Hue?

Add a Hue White Ambiance 5/6-inch recessed downlight with warm-to-cool white light to give you the best light for your daily routines. Control instantly via Bluetooth in one room or pair with a Hue Bridge to unlock the full suite of smart lighting features. This stylish recessed downlight is easy to install in any E26 medium base recessed can.

Do you need a bridge for Philips Hue?

You need a Philips Bridge to connect the ZigBee bulbs to your router via an ethernet cable, and the bridge can handle both white-only and color bulbs simultaneously. The Hue app simply hides the color light features while you’re managing a White Ambiance bulb, restricting you to making changes only in the white light temperature spectrum.

Can you change the color of a Philips Hue bulb?

This is Philips’ latest Hue bulb, which after much anticipation, is finally available to buy . The Hue White Ambiance sits between the Hue White and Color bulb and the Hue White bulb. It doesn’t allow you to change to different colors, but it does change temperatures from a warm soft white to a bright day light.

Can you control Philips Hue with your phone?

The Philips Hue Bluetooth White and Color Ambiance is a smart LED bulb that you can control with your phone and voice without the need for a hub—that is, unless you want to control it from a remote location or make it work with other smart devices. PCMag editors select and review products independently.

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12V and IP65, dimmable and recessed LED downlights available. Shop LED down lights … Philips Hue White Ambiance Adore downlight, 3x. Item No.: 7534259.

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