how to install philips hue white and colour ambiance lightstrip plus

How many colors are in Philips Hue lightstrip?

The field of smart lighting extends far beyond basic bulbs, and adding a lightstrip into your lighting setup can add ambiance and a splash of color — 16 million colors, in fact! Below, we go into a detailed comparison of the Philips Hue Lightstrip vs. Lightstrip Plus.

What do I need to set up my Philips Hue lights?

When you unbox your Philips Hue lights, you’ll get a Hue Bridge, a power adapter, an ethernet cable, and either two or three light bulbs, depending on which starter kit you bought. The Hue White and Color starter kit comes with three bulbs, while the Hue White starter kit comes with two bulbs.

What’s the difference between Philips Hue and Philips Hue plus?

In the old Philips Hue light strips, each LED is tasked with producing all the different colors needed. This gives it a poor white balance and distorted color clarity. Philip Hue Plus has three LEDs per color which creates a better white balance while dissipating the equal amount of color and uniformity.

How does the Philips Hue play light bar work?

The Hue Play light bar is yet another smart light system from Philips Hue that comes in a pack of two and sits tilted on your desk to shine light onto your wall — it works especially well with both lights pointed behind your TV. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more . Not sold on Philips Hue light strips?

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