how to install picostone basic

Can you control all your appliances with picostone?

Did you know all your Lights, Fans, TV, Set Up Boxes, ACs and all other appliances are now available on your smartphone? That is right! With Picostone control all your appliances from your smartphone anywhere, anytime. Control & monitor your home even when you are away from it.

What is the 5 step training for PicoScope?

Starting from Step 1, we’ve created a 5 step training programme to guide those new to PicoScope along their journey of scope diagnostics from the very beginning. As you progress through the training programme, you will learn PicoScope from our basic tests through to our more advanced tests and accessories.

How does the picostone smart home system work?

A Smart home system that understands and takes care of you like your very own personal butler. Schedules your appliances, reminds you to switch them on or off, gives you the luxury to use them from anywhere, integrates with other smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, does everything for you at your command and wish.

How many devices does picostone have at present?

Picostone has two devices — Basic and Polar — at present, which are already becoming popular in 21 cities across the country. The founders are looking to utilise the latest round of funding to further invest in technology development, in moving deeper into the existing market, and in team expansion.

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