how to install pool lighting systems

How do you install a light on a pool?

When the pool water level reaches the light, the light ring and gasket can be installed. Then the vinyl inside the light ring is cut out, and the lamp can be installed into the light niche, with the light cord running out the back of the niche, to the power junction box.

What kind of light does a swimming pool need?

There are several types of lighting for the perfect pool atmosphere on the market: solar lamps, fibre optic lighting, LED lights, floating lights, halogens, incandescent lights… although the current trend and most efficient option is LED lighting.

Can a pool light be paired with a home automation system?

Many LED pool lighting systems can also now be paired with the rest of your home automation. This offers the ultimate convenience, as you can turn your pool lights on and off, or even program your different colour choices using a simple smartphone app.

When do you think safety first about pool lighting?

Any discussion about water and electrical lighting really must include the all-important topic of safety. Just as devices such as electric motors and in-pool lights must be grounded and steel structures bonded, so too lighting around bodies of water be installed following basic safety guidelines.

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