how to install savant audio system

What are the features of the savant audio system?

Experience the total audio package with the Savant IP Audio 50, featuring built-in amplification, audio distribution, control ports, and a Savant Music streamer for complete audio immersion. Learn More Get more power with the Savant IP Audio 125. Enjoy the same flexibility and features as the IP Audio 50, but with more audio oomph per channel.

What can a savant home automation system do for You?

Savant’s home automation system also has energy monitoring tools so you can keep track of how much electricity your home uses. The system also has scheduling and scene features that help you control compatible smart lighting throughout your home.

What kind of training is available at Savant?

We also offer advanced level training on our hardware, system design, and software integration that will enable you to handle every installation. Get all the information you need in these videos about our newest products.

How can I control my music with Savant?

With Savant Pro, control all your music with one experience across all your devices: mobile, Savant Remotes, and in-wall touch screens. Learn More

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