how to install shelly smart light

How does the Shelly 1 Smart Relay work?

The shelly 1 comes with firmware pre-installed to use with the shelly app for iphone and android, and the shelly cloud. It behaves pretty much like any other off the shelf smart home product in that regard. You hook it up, open the app, connect to the shelly via it’s broadcasted SSID, and put in your personal wifi information.

What kind of devices does Shelly home make?

Shelly also makes plug-and-play devices including light bulbs, several sensors, a smart outlet, and a few more odds and ends (my favorite is a UV-C air purifier). Shelly’s products integrate with Alexa, Google, and several open source hubs, such as Hubitat and OpenHAB.

What can I do with a Shelly bulb?

Control and adjust the brightness and color of your light depending on your desires using the free Shelly Cloud application. Connect Shelly Bulb directly to your Wi-Fi at home, play with the light and choose from 16 million colors to match the light to your mood. Live life simply!

Is there an app for the Shelly bulb?

Live life simply! Connect Shelly Bulb with your home Wi-Fi network and control it directly from anywhere using the free Shelly Cloud app. Shelly provides you with endless possibilities – you can manage your lights by adjusting brightness, colors and setting custom schedules while lying on the sofa. Make your movie nights more intriguing than ever!

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