how to install smart house products

Do you need to learn to install a smart home?

Learning to install and configure a smart home is no different. First off, you will need Low voltage education if you haven’t done that already. Now once you have low voltage knowledge you will need to exercise your skills on the products you will be using.

Are there any smart home installers in the UK?

There is a whole host of smart gadgets available for the house – smart thermostats, smart lights, smart TVs, smart kettles… the list goes on. We invited Philipp Schuster, MD of Loxone UK, to explain the route to becoming a smart home installer.

How does a smart home work at home?

If you live alone or often come home to an empty house, being greeted by a dark, unlit home can be frightening. With the right equipment, you could have your lights switch on, as it detects your smartphone coming up the driveway. At the lower-tech end, you could even just use the phone to turn them on from the car.

What do you need to start a smart home business?

In order to sell a smart home solution, you need to not only know the products by heart, but you also need to become a brand ambassador for your business.

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