how to install smart led light bulbs

What’s the best way to install a smart light?

Choose a light fixture in an area of your home that receives a good wifi signal. Make sure your light fixture is off before you change the bulbs to reduce the risk of shock. Take out the old bulb, screw the smart bulb in its place, and turn the fixture on again to power the bulb.

What do you need to set up a smart bulb?

The second way is to purchase a corresponding hub like the Philips Bridge to set up the smart bulbs. A smart hub acts as the middle man between your bulb and wireless router. All you have to do is connect the bridge to your WiFi router.

Is there a smart light bulb that works with WiFi?

The Smart Wi-Fi Bulb by Avatar Controls ($19.99) is a reasonably priced multi-color LED light bulb that can connect to your phone without the need for a hub. It’s easy to install, delivers good RGB color lighting, and it works well with other smart devices using IFTTT applets.

Can you use sengled Smart LED bulbs outside?

Due to humidity concerns, all Sengled Smart LED bulbs, with the exception of the Sengled Smart LED Bright White PAR38 bulbs, are not meant to be used outdoors. From here, we can organize the bulbs into rooms via the Sengled Home app.

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