how to install smart motion sensor

Can a motion sensor be used as a security system?

While motion sensors are normally part of a full home security system, you can also build out your own hybrid system that not only protects your home but also injects a good dose of convenience. Before we look at the role of motion sensors in smart homes of today, we’ll take a quick glance at where this technology came from.

How do you set up a motion sensor?

If your mobile device is not scanning the QR code, you can select “Set Up Without Scanning” and enter the five-digit PIN code underneath your device’s QR code to add your device. Insert three AAA batteries, matching the flat ends with the springs. Select the lights Group you’d like to add your Motion Sensor to.

How do you connect a motion sensor to SmartThings?

SmartThings will start searching for devices. Use a paperclip to press the pairing button. You’ll see the motion sensor flash each time you press it. Press the button several times to make sure SmartThings sees the pairing process. You probably won’t get past this screen.

Can a door sensor be used in a smart home?

Putting door and window sensors on every access point in your smart home is time consuming and not entirely practical. Motion detectors or sensors, are electrical devices that are designed to use a sensor to detect motion or movement in nearby areas and alerts the owner of the property to the intrusion.

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