how to install sonoff without neutral

Do you need a neutral light switch for SONOFF?

Not needing a neutral being fitted to my light switch on the wall. The cables to your light switch on the wall will now be low voltage. Remember not to leave the light switch on the wall on or your Sonoff switch will keep going in to pairing mode. You just need to flick the switch.

Can a SONOFF mini be connected to the mains?

There are 2 ways in which your lights can be connected to mains. Where you put your Sonoff Mini depends on the wiring standard inside your house. To install Sonoff Mini you have to check how are your lights wired. Turn off the lights using breakers, then open up the wall switch.

Can a SONOFF device work without an internet connection?

Can Sonoff devices work without internet? Yes, Sonoff devices can work without an active internet connection. Since mid 2018, Itead (the manufacturer of Sonoff devices) have been shipped Sonoff devices with firmware that includes a feature called “LAN Mode”.

How to use SONOFF on a power line light?

From that same enclosure you will install a basic sonoff switch between the light and the power line. Then on you app yu will create a scenario to trigger the sonoff basic from the wall switch the same way as a 3 way switch settings.

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