how to install star shower motion laser light

How big is the Star Shower motion light?

Like the version without motion, it’s so simple to set up, showering your home with thousands of moving laser lights in seconds. Thousands of lights with no ladders, no hanging and no dead bulbs. There are 2 laser modes, it’s weather resistant, and the beams can cover over 3,2oo square feet.

How to shower your home with laser lights?

Shower Your Home In Thousands Of Laser Lights In Seconds! Take your home from dark to dazzling with the amazing Star Shower Motion. Watch thousands of laser light stars dance right before your eyes by clicking the Motion Activator Button.

How can I Turn Off the Star Shower motion?

Star Shower Motion includes a light sensor to save electricity so it will only turn on in the dark. Pressing the switch towards the green stripe will emit only green laser lights. Pressing the switch towards the green and red stripe will emit both green and red lights. Leaving the switch centered will turn Star Shower Motion off (Fig. 3).

How to use Star Shower laser light show projector?

Position the extra-long stakes into place in your yard, switch on the lights and choose your favorite holiday display. Have snowflakes cascading across your home, choose spooky bats and witches for Halloween or sparkles for birthdays and celebrations and many more. How can we improve our product information?

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