how to install tradfri remote hue

Can a tradfri bulb be connected to Philips Hue?

Just make sure the Ikea Trådfri bulb is as close to the Hue as possible as this will increase your chances of successfully connecting to the system. You do realize that this will not allow you control of the bulb using Alexa or Homekit. Not until you add some more configurations that will make this possible.

Can you connect IKEA tradfri to hue essentials?

Get your IKEA TRÅDFRI connected in Hue Essentials to get the most out of the HomeSmart gateway. You can connect this Gateway directly in Hue Essentials and you do not need another bridge. The Gateway in Hue Essentials allows for more colors than the original app by IKEA. You can even connect your blinds by IKEA.

Is there a remote control for a tradfri bulb?

I just bought some IKEA Trådfri bulbs, and some came with a remote (the 5-button device, TRÅDFRI Remote control – IKEA ). I also bought a dimmer (hockey-puck style, TRÅDFRI Wireless dimmer – IKEA) just for fun to see if either or both of these could pair to Hue or Hubitat.

Can a Philips Hue remote work with an IKEA remote?

How to pair the IKEA TRÅDFRI remote with your existing Philips Hue system to get a cheap remote control of your bulbs. If you have the IKEA TRÅDFRI dimmer or the IKEA TRÅDFRI motion sensor instead it’s exactly the same recipe. You /may/ need to update your IKEA remote if it’s using an old firmware.

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