how to install uvc lamp

How to install an ultraviolet ( UV ) light bulb?

1. When replacement of lamp is needed, order proper lamp assembly (See Table 2) from your dealer / distributor. 2. Disconnect power supply from UV lamp by unplugging the electrical cord. 3. Remove protective cover from UV lamp assembly. CAUTION: MERCURY EXPOSURE HAZARD Failure to follow this caution may result in minor personal injury.

Where to install UV light on indoor coils?

NOTE:On indoor coils 2 tons or smaller it is recommended that this UV lamp be installed in the connecting ductwork above the indoor coil and not in the coil casing itself. NOTE:No testing has been done to determine the effects of UV light on duct board or flex duct, metal duct is recommended.

Where to place a UV lamp in a duct?

A UV lamp can be installed almost anywhere in the ductwork. However, most manufacturers suggest placing it either downstream of the evaporator coil or in the return duct, where air movement is slowest.

Is it safe to use a UVC lamp at home?

Q: Is it safe to use a UVC lamp for disinfection purposes at home? A: Consider both the risks of UVC lamps to people and objects and the risk of incomplete inactivation of virus. Risks: UVC lamps used for disinfection purposes may pose potential health and safety risks depending on the UVC wavelength, dose, and duration of radiation exposure.

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