how to install wifi bulb app

Do you need an app to set up a smart bulb?

While you can definitely plug your smart bulb into a power socket and use it as a normal bulb, you will need to set it up properly to use its smart features. Setting up a smart bulb requires using an app. Smart Life is one of the universal apps that you can use on your iOS or Android devices to configure your smart bulb.

How can I connect my smart bulb to my WiFi?

If you have problem in looking for the smart bulb, please go to Settings->Wi-Fi on your smart phone and manually connect to smart bulb’s Wi-Fi network (same as iOS).

Can a innr bulb be controlled with a WiFi app?

Yes and no. The WiFi bulbs use the new Innr for WiFi app and at this point it’s only usable with WiFi bulbs. The Innr Zigbee bulbs can be controlled with our existing Innr app when the lights are linked to the Innr Bridge.

Which is the best app to control multicolor LED bulbs?

You can choose 16 million colors from your smart to lighten your home into colorful environment. BubFi provides gloomy light, eye catching rainbow, white light in study room, and number of pleasant modes to enhance the beauty of your smart home. BubFi is a smart App to control WiFi enabled multicolor LED bulb.

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