how to install z wave led controller

Where do I find the Z Wave controller?

Now, leave the controller software open and switch over to your phone and open the SmartThings app. Tap the + button, then select Device. Make sure By device type is selected. Then scroll down and select Generic Z-Wave Device. Next, tap on the Z-Wave icon, then tap on the Generic Z-Wave Device option.

Why do you need A Z Wave lighting control kit?

Z-Wave Plus lighting control kits help you save money on your monthly energy bills. At the same time, this smart home lighting technology by Z-Wave helps you simplify your life by controlling all your lights, and other appliances remotely. This way, you can make it look like you are home, even if you are away.

Can a RGBW controller work with a Z Wave alarm?

The device will work great with any open or DIY Z-Wave system like SmartThings, Vera, Hubitat, Home Seer, or Wink. Use these systems to control the RGBW controller with Alexa. It is not supported by Z-Wave alarm panels (Ring, ADT Pulse, Vivint, Alarm and others). This is a Z-Wave device, and it’s not supported by Apple Home Kit.

What do you need to know about Z Wave?

Z-Wave Smart Control over every facet of your home All Z-Wave networks start with a Z-Wave hub. A Z-Wave hub will sometimes be referred to as a Z-Wave controller. A hub with several radios is commonly called a gateway.

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