how to install z wave lights

What do you need to know about Z Wave lighting?

Lighting sets the mood of a smart home. Z-Wave Products offers many lighting choices; from in-wall dimmers and switches to simple plug-in or screw in LED bulbs, or even behind the switch Z-Wave modules. Controlled Z-Wave receptacles are a good way to automate circuits that do not have a switch or are out of reach.

How do I install a Z Wave lamp?

1. Install the Z-Wave Device as directed by the device’s instructions. If it is a lamp or appliance module, connect the lamp or load to the module and be sure the power switch on the lamp or load is ON. 2. From the Toolbox Screen, press the ADD DEVICESbutton. The Control Panel will display “Discovering devices” and wait for a signal from a device.

What can I use to control MY Z Wave?

For example, you could buy a smart light switch or a smart light bulb to be able to control a light from afar, but both would likely be overkill. Lighting control is a good place to start. In fact, lighting was the whole reason Z-Wave was created in the first place, but today it’s grown into something much larger.

What’s the first step in setting up a Z Wave system?

Once you get your devices (at least one), you can start building your system and automating your home. The first step is to install the device. Many devices need to be integrated into the existing electrical wiring in your home, much like you would install a regular fixture or switch.

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