how to play vr games on iphone

How can I play VR on my iPhone?

Step 1: Install Mobile VR Station from App Store to your iPhone. Step 2: Configure this VR player according to your VR headset. You can select your headset from the list, then it will preset automatically. Step 3: Play the VR content you want to watch and put the iPhone into your VR headset. Then you can enjoy it immediately.

Where can I learn to make a VR game?

Another great way to start learning designing virtual reality games is offered by the folks over at Zenva Academy. Their course provides hands-on training, helping you to become a professional VR game developer with Unity. Specifically, you will create your first 15 immersive experiences. And you know what’s the best part about this?

Can you play virtual reality games on iPad?

These platforms support a host of operating systems and hence allow you to play VR games on your mobile, desktop, iPad, iOS, and Mac devices. The choice is all yours. Virtual reality headsets are now more affordable. They are available even at the cost of less than $100.

Are there any VR controllers that work with iPhone?

Another MFi controller that reportedly works with iPhone VR games is the $72 Moga Rebel. And these games have also been reported to work with MFi controllers on iPhones: The iCade is a video arcade game cabinet-style case for iOS devices that has evolved into a kind of alternative standard for iOS controllers.

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