how to setup trinus vr

How to set up trinus VR on PC?

This video shows how to set up the Trinus VR app and streaming server, to allow your Android to perform like a Rift headset, with side-y-side, stereoscopic 3D gaming streaming directly from your PC. It’s easy, and only requires a few minutes to set up. Loading…

What kind of PC do you need for Trinus?

Even apps that have no VR mode can be used with Trinus’ “pseudo” VR mode. In order to complete this project, you need the following: A PC with a 4th-generation i5 CPU and GPU suitable for the VR software you want to run A wireless AC router with the PC connected by ethernet or a long USB cable. The Trinus client and the demo version of the app.

What kind of games can you play on Trinus PSVR?

Trinus PSVR main feature is conversion of non-VR games, turning them into an immersive VR experience. If you have issues with the VR Conversion, you can also visit ReShade’s site to verify game compatibility. Trinus plays SteamVR games too, although there are some restrictions and compatibility limitations.

How does Trinus VR work with Daydream app?

Trinus VR, an app which uses video streaming via your WiFi or USB to let mobile and standalone VR headsets act as if they were PC VR headsets, launches in early access today for Daydream. Daydream is Google’s VR platform which runs on compatible smartphones and…

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Is the setup with trinus VR stable and working? – Is the reported lower resolution of the psvr unit dramatically worse than the pc kit?
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