how to tell if your pc is vr ready

Can your computer Run VR?

Yes, you can run it on your PC! Requires 64 bit processor and operating system. Pavlov VR minimum requirements for Windows assume having at least Windows 10 operating system. Your processor should be Quad Core 3 Ghz+ or a more powerful one.

Can my laptop handle VR?

Yes, there are laptops out there that are capable of handling VR without skipping a beat. While high-end gaming laptops are vastly more expensive than similarly spec’d desktop PCs, they give you the ability to move your VR setup much more easily. This not only applies to bringing your VR setup to a friend’s house,…

Can I Run VR games?

The answer to the IF question is: Yes, you can play regular games in VR. The answer to the HOW question is a bit more complicated. Here are several options that will get all your games going in Rift or Vive.

Virtual Reality | GeForce – Nvidia

With GeForce RTX, you can count on the lowest latency and highest performance with leading VR headsets—all driven by NVIDIA VRWorks technology.

Beginner’s Guide – Vibox

Nvidia VR-Ready AMD VR-Ready … When looking at a gaming PC, a lot more focus tends to be given to the graphics card, but the processor is just as …

VR Ready Gaming PCs from Novatech

Whether you’re using Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, or any other VR Headsets and Peripherals, these VR Ready PCs will have you set to get up and go no matter …
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