how to use oculus gear vr

How do I get Oculus Video on my Gear VR?

Load the handset into Gear VR and navigate to Oculus Video. If you don’t already have Oculus Video installed, get it from the Oculus Store. 3. Navigate to the video from the left menu option My Videos. The left menu shows all your options, My Videos is close to the bottom. Use the center dot and touchpad to select. 4.

What can you learn from the Oculus Rift course?

While the course is geared towards developing for the Oculus Rift, the principles covered also apply to the Oculus Quest, and you’ll learn to avoid some common pitfalls we see developers experience when submitting their application to the Oculus Store. Take your VR skills to the next level with this deep dive into the principles of VR development.

What do you need to build Gear VR?

Building for the Gear VR. Now that you have set up the software, let’s get to the fun part: building!In order to build for the Gear VR, we’ll need a signature file and an Oculus Utilities package that we’ll import into Unity. Step 1: Go to Oculus Developer Tools and follow the process to get your Device ID and signature file.

Can you watch Oculus Video on your PC?

Here’s how to use Oculus Video on your Gear VR. Watch your own media in Oculus Video. If you have home movies or movies stored on your phone or PC, you can watch them on your Gear VR. You can either load it onto your handset or stream from your PC.

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The new Gear VR headset ‘will support old Samsung phones’ … It weighs a meagre 500g or so (depending on the phone you use) and we didn’t feel any undue …
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