how to use vr remote

Are there any online virtual reality training courses?

Online or onsite, instructor-led live Virtual Reality (VR) training courses, participants will learn how to use virtual reality in developing games as they step through hands-on exercises that tackle the different topics and components of VR game development. VR training is available as "online live training" or "onsite live training".

How are companies using AR and VR for remote training?

For instance, Arthur Digital is a platform aimed at solving synchronous, complex collaboration in a fully digital meeting environment mirroring a real-life, in-person meeting. It provides the following stats based on its clients’ experience with VR: 80% of clients say their communication has improved significantly through VR.

How is VR being used in the classroom?

For example, when class begins, students can put on their VR headsets and connect to their teacher’s virtual classroom.

How does VR training work in the workplace?

The VR training works as part of our online courses, as a standalone training tool or integrated into your company’s learning management system. Take online courses integrated with VR training on our platform. See courses Give employees or students a chance to practice skills in VR and get feedback.


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