how to watch youtube vr on oculus

Can you watch VR videos on Oculus Go?

There are two options when learning how to watch VR videos on Oculus Quest or Go. You can download certain content directly from your headset, or you can transfer your own files to the headset, much like you would any other USB device. To watch videos, you’ll have to get the Oculus Video app first.

Where can I watch 360 degree VR videos?

To watch VR and 360 degrees videos on YouTube, download the YouTube app or the YouTube VR app and browse and watch raw videos or scan your headset to watch the video.

How do you put a 360 video on Oculus?

If it’s a 360 video, you’ll have to add "_360" to the file name, like so: "test_360.mp4." Then move the video to the “Videos” folder in your Windows PC. Next, open the Oculus app on the PC, pick “Oculus Video,” and put on your headset. From there, you should select “My Videos” and find the video you’ve added.

Is there a YouTube app for the Oculus Rift?

YouTube VR. YouTube VR is a free app on Steam. The compatibility says it is just for the HTC Vive only but many Oculus users, including myself, can confirm that’s not true. This app is compatible with your Oculus. For the most part, it just seems like an app that hit the market before it was actually ready to be used.

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Oculus Safety Center | Oculus

To stay safe in VR, take time to review the health and safety information for your device. Pick a clear space. … Watch Video. Guardian. Guardian.

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