what can you do with gear vr

What can you do with a Gear VR Controller?

Once paired up, you can use your Controller with many Samsung Gear VR games and apps. It will allow you to do things like initiate triggers, go back to home screen, or turn the volume up or down — all important features of utilizing the Gear VR! How do I Create My Gear VR App Using InstaVR so that it is Hand Controller Friendly?

What do you need to know about the Samsung Gear VR?

You might have heard of the Google Cardboard before, which is the most basic version of VR, so you can think of the Gear VR as a step above that format. Samsung actually partnered with Oculus, the creators of the Oculus Rift, to create the software which runs the Samsung Gear VR headset.

What can you do with a virtual reality course?

The course will culminate in a project in which you will create your own VR scene. VR development is something you can only learn by doing it yourself, so working on your project will be the best way to learn. This course will teach you about one of the most important aspects of VR, how you interact with a VR world.

Are there any companies using VR for training?

VR for Training is having a moment. Last month, Walmart announced they were purchasing 17,000 Oculus Go headsets for training associates. UPS is training 4,000 drivers using VR to avoid potential road hazards. And Cleveland Clinic just named AR/VR for Medical Training the 6th most important medical innovation for 2019.

Samsung Gear VR review | IT

For this to work, you will have to install the Oculus app and make an account before you get started. Take off the headset’s plastic cover, slide in your …

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