what is a cpu in a computer

What does CPU stand for in computers?

For many computer enthusiasts, as well as individuals who may be discovering computer technology for the first time, a common question asked is, "What does CPU stand for?". Simply put, the acronym CPU stands for the Central Processing Unit of a computer.

What are the three main parts in a CPU?

A CPU contains three main sections: (1) an arithmetic/logic unit, (2) a control unit and (3) registers. The arithmetic/logic unit contains circuitry that performs data manipulation.

What are the functions of CPU?

Functions of a CPU: CPU generally performs the arithmetical and logical operations, controlling of different input-output devices. These operations are performed based on some predefined algorithms and instructions normally referred as computer programs.

What are the features of CPU?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of the following features − CPU is considered as the brain of the computer. CPU performs all types of data processing operations. It stores data, intermediate results, and instructions (program). It controls the operation of all parts of the computer.

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